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$20 Fill Up™

$20 Fill Up™

$20 Fill Up™

Twenty dollars can deliver a lot of contentment. And now we’re offering you and your crew a bushel of $20 Fill Up® options to choose from, including our 8-piece Original Recipe® Chicken, new 6-piece Boneless Chicken Breasts, 12-piece Chicken Tenders, and 8-piece Extra Crispy™ Chicken. Each meal comes complete with a large cole slaw, 4 biscuits, and 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy. Now that's a finger lickin’ good™ deal!

  • 8 pieces of original recipe 7da2407fd3cc0dd79caac53bfcc5904f47ddbdff7065224d7843d0bda85d23bc

    8 Pieces of Original Recipe®

  • Kfc 8 pieces of extra crispy 3aaddfb48ea89ce702ff75849d7d4c5af7e05154c7c3d00d2fb62239b6c9fd7a

    8 Pieces of Extra Crispy™

  • Kfc 12 extra crispy tenders 217aa6c25f4f378b5a0859b553f6fd33223bd1c055e2dfe4e9d43015d4c7ee03

    12 Extra Crispy™ Tenders

  • Kfc 6 boneless chicken breasts 84c9c4205b3eba3ccc41055f44eb2adf2337d2b7507eeedda2f25d736d107925

    6 Boneless Chicken Breasts

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