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$10 Chicken Share

$10 Chicken Share

Deepen your connection through chicken

Chicken is better when it is shared. It’s a scientific fact, but don’t look it up. So grab a friend and pick up a $10 Chicken Share. You can share either nine Extra Crispy™ tenders, six pieces of chicken, a lot of Popcorn Nuggets, or twelve Hot Wings. That’s four ways you can bond! Holy sharing!

  • $10 chicken share 640x640 ca3a6052a33be4484922e25223cb78a8d6b68c91bfd32bcef17857308ddaa9ee

    6 Pieces of Chicken

  • Chicken share buckets tenders 640x640 6e4190941de3cfc4bf850d8378b2ef526a8ccca1eaff91d41dc93b4d86b5d72b

    9 extra crispy™ Tenders

  • Chicken share buckets hot wings 640x640 cda203cdff31f3b380a2f1605c239924e07bd4d830ca23f538a4ae552e4cf342

    12 Hot Wings

  • Chicken share buckets popcorn nuggets 640x640 8425930335920c9d072826488cbd596812818703a6c16891f5190941b3e50a39

    Popcorn Nuggets

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