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$10 Chicken Share

$10 Chicken Share

Deepen your connection through chicken

Chicken is better when it is shared. It’s a scientific fact, but don’t look it up. So grab a friend and pick up a $10 Chicken Share. You can share either nine Extra Crispy™ tenders, six pieces of chicken, a lot of Popcorn Nuggets, or twelve Hot Wings. That’s four ways you can bond! Holy sharing!

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    6 Pieces of Chicken

  • Kfc chicken share tenders f6cffab19e2f81e5126fff98d3a986e191bd712d823520fc57f5635a2fe871a3

    9 extra crispy™ Tenders

  • Kfc chicken share hot wings 0f88c82b354d04b5656cdd14f86936518d2bf154e3ba477aa403f5cab34508e8

    12 Hot Wings

  • Kfc chicken share popcorn nuggets 01012ae712dea6f8fa35fd073e378726cba6b2aa54c409114b6b0f5218e95f04

    Popcorn Nuggets

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