$10 Chicken Share

$10 Chicken Share

Deepen your connection through chicken

Chicken is better when it is shared. It’s a scientific fact, but don’t look it up. So grab a friend and pick up a $10 Chicken Share. You can share either nine Extra Crispy™ tenders, six pieces of chicken, a lot of Popcorn Nuggets, or twelve Hot Wings. That’s four ways you can bond! Holy sharing!

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    6 Pieces of Chicken

  • Kfc chicken share tenders d7a4ae7fb91311f85fe0ce0805fcf7e3ee29ba84bc35796d1a83b91b2eea790e

    9 extra crispy™ Tenders

  • Kfc chicken share hot wings 429adf63428588ccf58b69a33a0e2813195687f066a5d7934beef128d9c0c071

    12 Hot Wings

  • Kfc chicken share popcorn nuggets c0c55db4e437d429b92a7063d137f642a16994e3727a3d96e9f8b956a5b06a45

    Popcorn Nuggets

How we make chicken

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