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Hey football fans,

There's nothing more exciting than catching playoff fever - but what about when your team comes down with the regular season flu? Bad playing, bad coaching, bad refs, bad weather or bad luck - there are plenty of pitfalls for a team to run "a-fowl" of, and millions of football fans have experienced all of them this year.

Fatigued football fans of America, consider KFC your wingman. If your team isn't going to be playing in the big game this year, let us at least offer you something to spice up your game-watching party - KFC's sauceless Hot Wings.

Here's our simple game plan: Follow us on Twitter (@kfc) and tweet to us a photo with the hashtag #KFCWingman that represents the way your season went a-fowl - whether it's a fumble, a flaky call or a failed kick. And if you're one of the first 3,000 to do so, we'll bring something different to your party -- spicy, crunchy, sauceless KFC Hot Wings. On us. After all, just because your team bowed out of the playoffs doesn't mean you have to bow out of the fun. Make sure you get all the important details and read the official rules at www.kfc.com.

And for everyone who is struggling with a menu game plan for a watch party, we're offering a deal on our popular Hot Wings. For a limited time, they're just 50 cents apiece.

So no one wings it out of bounds - here's the playbook: http://www.kfc.com/promos/fowlseason_rules.pdf

Kickoff is today, January 10. Final whistle blows January 20.

John Cywinski,
President, KFC U.S.