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KFC wants to bring your buckets back Dear Players and Owners,

Americans wants their buckets back!

KFC has been bringing people together around buckets for decades, so no one is more dismayed about the lack of basketball this winter than we are. But we're not just going to sit on the sidelines – we've cooked up an idea to get you back on the court this season.

You've already brought in everyone from lawyers to legends to mediate the dispute, but there's one guy you haven't yet consulted. A guy who understands how to bring people together. A guy who always stuck to his own game plan. A guy who knows a thing or two about wearing a cool uniform. A guy who is a true bucket expert. That's right: we're talking about the Colonel.

Our idea is simple. It's time for both sides to stop playing chicken – and start eating it – while you negotiate. You name the place. Whether it's one of our restaurants from New York to Los Angeles, at the top of the key in an arena or at a boardroom table, we're prepared to provide a 10-piece bucket of chicken, a table, and the KFC Colonel to mediate.

Many a dispute has been resolved over the dinner table, so think of this as a "10 Peace Offering." We think this is the Original Recipe for coming together and putting aside your differences to give America their buckets back.

To prove the point, we've posted a poll on our Facebook page where fans can sign up to show their support for the "10 Peace Offering." You can find it at www.facebook.com/kfc. So let's get this cooking; you know a smart game plan when you see it.


John Cywinski
General Manager, KFC U.S.