Hard Work Pays Off

Colonel Sanders was passionate about helping people be their best selves through education. It started with a hitchhiker who happened to be a college student. The Colonel gave him a ride and a full scholarship. (Click here to hear the full story.)

That act of kindness inspired the Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation, which has since provided $14 million in scholarships to 2,600 students. As an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Foundation’s charitable programs are made possible through the ongoing support of KFC franchisees and the KFC Corporation.

If you’re a KFC operator, please visit the Foundation’s site area on TeamKFC for more information on how you can participate.

Which Program
Is For Me?

  • The REACH Educational Grant Program® helps hourly Team Members and Shift Supervisors be their best selves by providing tuition assistance to attend accredited colleges, as well as graduate and trade/vocational schools.

  • I’m an hourly Team Member or Shift Supervisor at a participating KFC U.S. restaurant.
  • I’m seeking college or trade/vocational school tuition assistance.
  • I’m a high school senior, going into college next fall. OR I’m currently enrolled in college.
  • The GED® credential is your pathway to endless opportunities and the potential to make more money in your career. Sign up for the REACH HIGH Program now and accelerate your career!

  • I’m a restaurant employee (manager or hourly team member) at a participating KFC U.S. restaurant.
  • I’m not enrolled in high school, and I have not graduated high school.
  • I’m at least 16 years old.
  • I’m seeking my GED/high school equivalency.
  • I meet the requirements in my state.