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The new KFC Dipems Combo - $5.00
Colonel Sanders Family size KFC bucket meal with chicken, cookies, mashed potatoes, and more sides
The KFC Drumstick Chicken Corsage. Make your Prom delicious. On sale now for a limited time. Enter the Dip 'Ems Game now!
A KFC Go Cup A happy smiling KFC customer with chicken in her hand A man bringing two buckets of KFC chicken into a home through a doorway A satisfied woman KFC customer licking her fingers clean after a meal What's your story? Visit the hub and see how others have showed #HowDoYouKFC A woman looking at her chicken meal while in a KFC restaurant
A man with a hat looking into the camera while eating a KFC Chicken Little sandwich Two people handing off a bucket of chicken while the space between their hands makes a heart shape A KFC customer biting into chicken A KFC customer enjoying a meal and drinking from a cup A full KFC Go Cup outside in the sun A KFC Go Cup held up on a bicycle A man enjoying his KFC meal A man happily biting into some KFC chicken